Bali Wedding Essential: What Your Guest Really Care About


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Wedding planning in Bali can get into a very overwhelming situation. It is confusing, takes time, effort and money. However, do you think every piece of essentials is a must? No, not really. Sometimes you need to understand what your guests care about before deciding on the wedding villa bali. What are they? Find out more in this article.

What People Care About Your Wedding

1. The Venue

In many cases, people will judge what they see. On this kind of occasion, the first thing they get to see and make an opinion on is the venue. So, the location does matter to your guest. It is not only a place that sets a tone, beauty, or memorable, but also something that fits the guest's happiness. Such as the location, the distance, and all of the facilities.

The highlight is that your place will make the guests experience. Far from the accommodation, lack of amenities, and hardly having good access will only make people feel down. Sometimes the indoor or outdoor area will also affect your guest's feel. So, don't take it too lightly. Make sure you pick the best wedding villa for your big day.    

2. The Catering

The catering or the food and drink take a huge impact on your guest satisfaction. In this case, paying attention to the menu might be one of the most important things to consider. As an information, you can always choose buffet-style, wedding meal plated, or family-style catering. The biggest call you need is to appear with a range of tastes and availability.

3. The Music

People can get bored easily on the merrier occasion. That is the same with your wedding. That is why you need good music to set the mood and atmosphere. The point to highlight is to read the crowd and make them engaged. You can pick whatever type of music they are, such as a band or DJ.

4. The Decoration

The Bali wedding and the decoration goes hand in hand. So, ensure you can get the best d├ęcor for the day. Sometimes, working with the vendor and planners work the best. They will help you to pick a theme and cohesive scheme for the decoration. Thus, your venue will look on point and give a stunning place for a snap of a photo.

By highlighting the four most essential points in the wedding, you can give the best experience for your guest. It also helps you to consider the bare minimum and max it out for the rest of the day. So, don't make it wrong and focus on those items. That will help you a lot in planning the grand day.

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