Get to know Social Media Marketing and Examples

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In this day and age, who doesn't use social media? Pati almost everyone uses social media right? Social users are now complex, some are only used for entertainment and some are for selling. In relation to sales, people usually use social media marketing. Curious what it is and an example? Check it out below.

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing or marketing is an advertisement that is being promoted using social media. Generally, this type of advertising will be more effective than the old or conventional types of advertising. How did it happen? Because in this era, many people have switched to using social media to do all their activities.

Most of the social media used to market products or display advertisements include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. However, based on a survey, it shows that the most widely used platform is Facebook. Especially for MSMEs that have a target market of adults and parents.

This statement will be very beneficial for those of you who are starting a business with an adult target market, because it will indirectly provide many opportunities so that their business can run well. But for entrepreneurs with a target market of teenagers and early adults, they can still use other social media marketing such as IG, twitter, and others.

The advantages of social media marketing and examples

For those of you who are currently marketing products or placing advertisements using social media marketing, you will get many advantages. The main advantage is that it can reach the target easily. The target materials that are targeted are not only those who are close, but you can also directly offer products to people who are far outside the island.

Another advantage is that how to operate social media marketing tends to be easy and fun. If it was reviewed in ancient times before the presence of social media, nada could only market products through the website. The website attack itself does not have a section that presents the interaction between the seller and the buyer. However, if you use social media, there can be direct interaction.

Examples of social media marketing here include marketing clothes using several platforms that are widely used by humans. For example, the most widely used platforms are Instagram, YouTube, and Tritter videos. It doesn't stop there, you can also use image ads from Facebook and Instagram.

The conclusion is that social media marketing or marketing is one of the advertisements that can be promoted using social media such as IG, FB, Twitter and others. There are many advantages offered if you use social media marketing, ranging from being able to reach many targets and being able to reach many people to buy the products offered.

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