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Global Sevilla is a  international school jakarta that focuses not only on academics but also on personal growth and character development. It all started with the goal of creating a school that could not only produce intelligent and well-educated pupils. As an International School Jakarta, Global Sevilla includes an educational program from kindergarten to secondary level.

Pre-school and Kindergarten

To assist her pupils to develop literacy, numeracy, and communication skills, Global Sevilla Preschool in Jakarta uses a variety of engaging activities and resources. Students are exposed to everyday classroom routines and develop favorable attitudes toward learning as a result of their experiences. Students also practice mindfulness to help them stay calm and focused.


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) underlies all Primary learning at Global Sevilla School via contemporary and child-friendly subjects. As they work toward academic, personal, and global learning goals, students build the tools to become confident and motivated learners.

Your child will work at a difficult pace toward personalized goals with our tailored learning. Each session includes a range of activities in which children engage alone, in pairs, in groups, and as a whole class, accessing and displaying information in the most effective method for each individual.


1. Grade 9 to 10

At International School Jakarta, Global Sevilla Secondary, our main goal is to pass the Cambridge IGCSE Examination. Our faculty is dedicated to ensuring that our students are well prepared for the test. Apart from IGCSE preparation, our department also focuses on Ujian Nasional preparation; as a result, Global Sevilla has included both variables in a Global Sevilla secondary department syllabus.

The amount of topics taken for IGCSE at Global Sevilla Secondary is established at a minimum. Students must take two languages from Group I and one topic from each Groups II, III, IV, and V, according to the ICE Certificate. Any of the five topic groupings can be used for the seventh subject.

2. Grade 11 to 12

Cambridge Advanced Level (A-Level) is a worldwide curriculum offered by the Secondary School and Junior College division of Cambridge University Press. Because the Cambridge curriculum is the gold standard for a good quality international education, this International School Jakarta’s program will provide a firm foundation for our graduates.

It also helps our students prepare for university studies both in the United States and abroad. We have skilled and specialized professors at Global Sevilla that can advise, coach, and inspire -students to achieve their best results in the A-level program.

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